Personalise your favourite watch with the NEW Seiko 5 strap collection. Strong, durable and comfortable, this limited edition collection includes four designs.

Themed around ‘Shades of Britain,’ these  accessories are exclusive to the UK.

 Pleasant Pastures

This design takes inspiration from the landscapes of the British Isles – from the blues of the English coast to the greens of the Welsh valleys

Scattered Waves

Taking inspiration from the four seas surrounding the British Isles, the shades of blue evoke a sense of adventure linked with the rich culture of outdoor pursuits.

Go Faster Green

This design takes inspiration from the rich history of British motor-sporting. Luxury, elegance, speed and classic British style are all represented in the colours that include the famous green associated with racing.

Industrious Craftsmanship

This design takes inspiration from British manufacturing expertise, from world-renowned tailoring to technical aircraft development. The luxurious tones evoke the sense of craftsmanship that has always been a part of British heritage.


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