These timepieces are inspired by the landscape of the world’s largest marine sanctuary – Antarctica. The dial’s graduated colour and texture echo the white-blue views of the area created by light reflected on the ice, whilst the penguin footprints at the 10 o’clock position represent the dwindling numbers of its inhabitants.

Seiko donates proceeds from these ‘Save the Ocean’ models to sea conservation and environmental organisations.

Prospex 1968 Diver’s Re-CreationS

The overall design of these timepieces is inspired by the Seiko 1968 Diver’s 300m watch – which was powered by the highest of world standards hi-beat calibre and was worn for the first-ever Japanese Mount Everest expedition.

Several technical specifications have been upgraded and updated. The watches feature the high-grade 8L35 mechanical calibre. The case, bezel and crown are all made of Seiko’s Ever-Brilliant Steel, a grade of stainless steel which is more corrosion resistant than that which is commonly used in watches today.


These practical compact diver’s watches with sapphire glass are conveniently solar-powered; the watches charge from both natural and electric light.


There are just 3,500 pieces of this particular ‘Samurai’ design available, which has been created exclusively for Europe.

This specific watch is nicknamed ‘Samurai’ by our fans because of its angular shaped design which looks as if it were sliced by a Japanese Samurai sword. This timepiece will be engraved with its limited edition number on the case back and is accompanied by a limited edition box and an additional silicone strap.

Prospex Speedtimer 1964 Re-creation

Introducing an entirely new Prospex watch collection, inspired by Seiko’s professional timekeeping heritage.

Becoming an official timekeeper for Tokyo’s high profile international sports event in 1964 was a turning point in Seiko’s history. Making precisely accurate professional timing instruments, with no prior experience, resulted in the Seiko Watch Corporation design code of visibility, legibility and functionality. The 1964 Chronograph re-creation is now available in a new collection of Prospex timepieces.


First released in 1965 for Japanese ‘Yama-otoko’ mountain men, to be reliable in treacherous terrain, the Alpinist is part of our Land collection.

Hugely popular with many fans worldwide, now available globally with upgraded specifications.


Very popular since its inception and now in its third year of limited edition release, Seiko Prospex Black Series was originally inspired by the mysterious world of night diving.

The 2021 collection is a trio of Seiko’s signature designs, incorporating a ‘Monster,’ ‘Tuna,’ and ‘Samurai’ – nicknames invented by Seiko fans for their shapes and looks.


Popular with American troops in the 1970s, this watch was famously worn in the ‘Apocalypse Now’ film by Martin Sheen playing the character Captain Willard.

A hardwearing, easy-to-read timepiece which looks very different from other dive watches. Modernised from the original version with high visibility dial layouts, increased power reserve to 70 hours and a smaller case size for even more comfort.


Inspired by the 1965 Diver’s watch – Seiko’s and Japan’s first diving watch.

Upgraded from the original for increased comfort and higher visibility, with a clear dial layout, a smaller case size, lower centre of gravity and 70 hours of power reserve.


Exclusive to Seiko, as the only global watch brand to design a range of professional diver’s watches in official colours featuring the PADI logo.

PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s leading scuba diving training organisation, unifying divers around the globe who share a passion for adventure and love for the ocean.


This practical compact diver’s watch with sapphire glass is conveniently solar-powered; the watch charges from both natural and electric light.

Seiko Prospex timepieces are designed to be practical, reliable and durable; to meet the high standards required in extreme environments for sports lovers and adventure seekers alike.


Named after Latin ‘Lux’ for light because of the acute angles within the design, refracting light and giving a real brilliance to each surface.

The LX range incorporates our Spring Drive movement, a watch movement pioneered by Seiko Watch Corporation’s engineers.


Introducing a new watch design to the Prospex Land collection, the ‘Tortoise’ is inspired by the popular diving watch shape nicknamed by Seiko fans as the ‘Turtle’ because of its shell-like profile.

This practical 2021 timepiece is powered by the 4R automatic calibre movement and includes a rotating compass bezel, crown at 4 o’clock for comfort with highly visible lumibrite on the dial and hands, easy to see in any light.


Developed to combine looks and substance: coupling Seiko fans’ enthusiasm for watch design styles alongside the expertise from 5 decades of creating diving watches.

The retro ‘tuna’ shape from the 1975 divers’ model has been channelled into a more compact yet reinforced watch, robust enough for diving, but stylish enough to be worn on the street.


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