The world’s first GPS solar watch

By connecting to the GPS network, the Astron adjusts at the touch of a button to your time zone and, by taking all the energy it needs from light alone, never needs a battery change.

Astron GPS Solar communicates with the GPS network and adjusts to your time zone anywhere on Earth. With high speed time zone adjustment and the time transfer function, the new Astron 5X is the most advanced in history.

Powered by light alone

Astron GPS Solar is powered by light alone and needs no battery or other source of energy. Thanks to its unique ring antenna and other energy-efficiencies, it generates all the power it needs from ambient light to connect daily to the GPS network.

Once fully charged, it will operate normally for about six months without being exposed to light and, when the power save function is activated, time information is maintained for up to two years.


A completely new calibre with “high-speed time zone adjustment” and a “time transfer function” capability

To enhance the speed and quality of the GPS connection, every component in the GPS module has been re-engineered. The operation of the 5X calibre is also faster and more intuitive. For example, only three seconds are needed to advance 14 hours from Tokyo to New York time, thanks to the system which moves the hour, minute, and second hand independently.

New functions also allow automatic adjustment to Daylight Saving Time and give the wearer the ability to switch the main dial instantly from home to local time and vice versa.