Customer Support FAQ
  • What should I do if my timepiece requires a service or needs a repair?
    The service and repair division of SEIKO UK Ltd is at the head office in Maidenhead. The address to send your watch to is:

    SUKL Vanwall Road Maidenhead SL6 4UW

    - Please fully describe your service requirements or any problems or symptoms you are experiencing with your watch. - Include your guarantee or proof of purchase if the timepiece is still within the guarantee period. - Ensure your name and address is shown on both the outside of the package as a return address, and on the correspondence inside. - Please do not send your watch in a container or box that you would want returned, as packaging is discarded upon receipt at the Service Center. - Where there is a case number (hyphenated) and a serial number on the back of your watch, please keep a record for your personal reference. - Package the timepiece with sufficient padding to protect it during transit and consider insuring the package to the appropriate replacement value in case of a loss during transit. - You may wish to use a postal method that allows package tracking. *Please note that you may also use one of our network of SEIKO authorized dealers to process the repair for you.

    Your watch will normally be returned to you between 6-10 working days following your authorization to proceed with the service or repair.
  • How much will a repair cost?
    The price of your repair can vary depending upon many different factors, including the watch model, the type of watch, the age of the watch or if it is water resistant etc.

    You can view our repair prices and explanations by visiting and clicking the Retail Price List links at the bottom of the home page.

    If you are unsure of the pricing category or type of repair, please contact us on 01628 770988 where one of our Customer Satisfaction Team will be happy to help you.

    If your watch out of guarantee or the repair is not covered by the guarantee, an estimate letter will be sent to you advising of all the charges involved. We will not proceed with any work until we have had your authorization to do so.
  • How often should I have my watch serviced?
    As with any precision instrument that has moving parts, it is important to have your watch serviced at regular intervals to maintain its optimum performance and to replace gaskets that can become worn and harden with age which will reduce your watch’s resistance to water.

    We recommend that the service period is normally between two and five years although this will depend upon the type of watch, the climate and environment it is worn in and the general care taken by the owner of the watch.
  • Am I able to purchase watch parts from Seiko?
    For technical and quality reasons, and to ensure the high standard of repair required by SEIKO, we do not supply spare parts to our customers. We recommend that you send your watch to the SEIKO Service Centre at Maidenhead or contact a SEIKO Authorized Dealer to have the watch part(s) replaced
  • How should I look after my watch, case and strap?

    Shocks: Your watch is a precision measuring instrument. Treat it carefully, and it will serve you well. Avoid undue shocks (such as dropping on hard surfaces). The normal shocks caused by sports like tennis or golf present no threat.

    Perspiration: You should aim to protect your watch from heavy perspiration. Please remember to wipe it dry as soon as conveniently possible.

    Temperature Extremes: Quartz watches are much less affected by extremes of temperature than mechanical watches, and are designed to keep good time if worn on the wrist for eight hours a day with ambient temperatures between -10°C and +35°C.

    If removed completely from the wrist, your watch may lose time during the winter, but will return to normal accuracy as soon as you start wearing it again.

    If your watch is stored at temperatures outside the normal range (as low as -10°C or as high as +60°C) the electronic components may cease to function normally.

    The response time of liquid crystals used in the displays on digital watches at temperatures below freezing is slow, and they tend to look very dark at high temperatures, but normal performance returns at normal temperatures.

    Battery life can be significantly reduced at high temperatures (above 40°C), and battery fluid may even leak out.

    Chemicals: Chemical substances, gases, mercury, etc., may change the color of cases, bracelets and straps. Mercury (for instance, from a broken thermometer) can cause particularly unsightly grey discoloration of gold plating.

    General Care:

    Metal bracelets should be washed carefully in water. If really dirty, use a soft toothbrush with soap and water to brush away the dirt. Finally, rinse with water and dry carefully with a soft cloth.

    If your watch is not water resistant, be careful not to get water on the case. Cases should be wiped gently with a slightly moistened soft cloth and then dried carefully.

    Leather straps should be slightly loosened in the summer, when they may absorb perspiration. A tight strap not only prevents the passage of air over the strap under surface but can also cause a perspiration rash on the wrist. If the strap ever becomes wet with perspiration, wipe it dry with a soft cloth. When you take off your watch, leave it in a well-ventilated spot. Never put it in a sealed container when it is still damp with perspiration. Avoid leaving your strap watch in direct sunlight as the strap colour may fade.
  • Do you ship outside of the UK?
    Unfortunately, we are only able to deliver to UK addresses. Overseas customers, please visit this page to find your local stockist.
  • How can I make a return?
    To make a return you should access the returns section of our site in the footer. The details of the returns procedure and our policy are included and you can fill in a returns email to notify us ahead of time.

    You can then send back the product with details of any faults to Seiko UK Ltd. as outlined in the returns procedure.
  • How quickly can I expect delivery?
    We aim to fulfill all deliveries within 2 working days for purchase and guarantee that it will arrive within 5 working days of purchase. If there are any delays with your delivery we will contact you as soon as possible to make you aware.