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Credor Eichi II

Ref. GBLT997
  • £50,000.00
  • Credor Eichi II


The Ultimate in Simplicity: an elegant expression of Japanese aesthetics.

Credor is a luxury dress watch series created in 1974 that employs delicate techniques based on Japanese precision and esthetics. The name is based on the French “crête d’or” which means “crest of gold.” Befitting the name, each part, from the movement to the finest component, is made from select materials and produced by master watchmakers, ensuring the enduring beauty and quality of every watch.

Eichi II is the work of the elite team of watchmakers at the Micro Artist Studio in Shiojiri. It is made, assembled and finished by hand and, remarkably, each of the 12 indexes and the letters of the name Credor are hand-painted on to the porcelain dial by one of the studio’s own craftsmen. Now in its 20th year, the Micro Artist Studio created not only Eichi (2008) and Eichi II (2014) but also many others including the Credor Spring Drive Sonnerie (2006) and the Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater (2011).

Known as Ruri in Japan and elsewhere as lapis lazuli, this deep blue colour has entranced makers of jewellery and other objects d’art for centuries because of its intensity and its richness. It perfectly suits the simple, clean layout of the Eichi II dial and provides the ideal contrast to the white indexes and hands. It took over two years to develop this particular shade of Ruri blue and to achieve it requires each dial to be fired repeatedly, a process that takes place at the Micro Artist Studio under the close supervision of the studio’s own craftsmen. Thanks to the Spring Drive movement, the white seconds hand moves in perfect glide motion across the Ruri dial, creating a powerful experience of the true, continuous flow of time.

The dial has a gentle curve thanks to the careful application of the porcelain glaze which creates surface tension, giving it a slightly domed shape. The very nature of porcelain leads to the glaze being slightly thinner at the edge and centre of the dial so that, as light plays across each dial, it reveals its own particular shades and tones.

  • Sapphire Glass Sapphire Glass
  • Water Resistant 30m Water Resistant 30m
  • Platinum Platinum
  • Light Weight Light Weight


  • Case Diameter
  • Case Type
  • Dial Colour
  • Case thickness
  • Band Info
    Crocodile Leather


  • Movement type
  • Power reserve
    60 hours
  • Accuracy
    -1/+1 seconds per day
  • Calibre

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