Credor Mokume Gane

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  • £25,500.00
  • Credor Mokume Gane


A beautiful limited model using the ancient Japanese metal processing technology "Mokumegane"

Credor was born in 1974 as a luxury dress watch demonstrating Japanese sensibility and exquisite craftsmanship. In keeping with its name, based on the French “crete d’or,” meaning “crest of gold”, each part from the movement to the finest component is made from select materials by master watchmakers and craftsmen, ensuring the beauty and refinement of each watch.

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of Credor, this limited edition reflects the deep emotional connection Japan has to its rural landscape. The watch’s dial portrays the scenery of Japan’s rice fields fluttering in the winds using Mokume Gane, a traditional Japanese metal craft handed down from the Edo period, which translates closely to “wood grain metal”. The retail price is 3,000,000 yen + tax and will be released in a limited number of 35 pieces from August.

Under the supervision of Masaki Takahashi, CEO of Mokumeganeya Co., Ltd., this model shows a refined and elegant expression using the Mokume Gane technique. The dial is an original design with a modern expression reflecting the beautiful rural landscape of a ripening Japanese rice field fluttering in the wind. The pattern is highly decorative among the wood grain patterns and has been named “Kazemoku” or “wind pattern” specifically for this watch.

Each dial is handcrafted one-by-one with outstanding mastery and the watch utilizes the ultra-thin caliber 6890, made by watchmakers of the highest level at the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio. The limited edition is a fusion of craftsmanship at a highly sophisticated level unique to Credor.

Mokume Gane was originally devised for designing sword ornaments and decorations in the Edo period four hundred years ago. The craft forms wood grain patterns by layering different colors of precious metal, carving and twisting them, and then drawing them out to flatten.

It is highly complicated and achieved only by those who have mastered both carving and hammering techniques, and nowadays the favored patterns of Mokume Gane can be found in jewelry. The texture and colors are retained without discoloring even after many years of use.

  • Sapphire Glass Sapphire Glass
  • Water Resistant 30m Water Resistant 30m
  • Platinum Platinum
  • Light Weight Light Weight


  • Case Diameter
  • Case Type
  • Dial Colour
  • Case thickness
  • Band Info
    Crocodile Leather


  • Movement type
    Mechanical Manual-Winding
  • Power reserve
    37 hours
  • Accuracy
    -15/+25 seconds per day
  • Calibre

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