Breathing new life into tradition.

The Heritage Collection is at the very heart of Grand Seiko and comprises timepieces which emphasise well-balanced design, expressing the simple, pure essentials of watchmaking.

This selection of classic watches echoes the styles of the earliest Grand Seiko timepieces, re-interpreted with the very latest movements, manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship.

The collection embodies the uniquely Japanese Grand Seiko aesthetic and offers the precise performance and finishing for which Grand Seiko has always been renowned.


Contemporary elegance for exceptional occasions

Every watch in the Elegance Collection has the resilience for everyday wear but also the refinement for those landmark occasions where everything has to be just right.

For daytime or evening, an Elegance Collection watch is the ideal companion, with its subtle beauty shining through in any light condition.


For the discerning sports watch lover.

The Grand Seiko key characteristics of precision, legibility and durability are perfectly in tune with the world of sport – where timing and accuracy are everything.

From diver’s watches to chronographs to watches with a GMT function and from automatic to Spring Drive movements, Grand Seiko Sport Collection offers a wide, exacting selection for those who aim high.


Watches created with a contemporary design format based on the recognisable 1967 44GS Grand Seiko Style. This new grammar of design takes the brand’s ideals of beauty, legibility and wearability to new levels with nine design elements, based around the three design principles.

Firstly an “evolution in aesthetics” – the design expresses infinite gradations between light and shadow achieved with polished surfaces.

Secondly an “evolution in legibility” – the powerful hands and grooved, prominent markers ensure excellent legibility.

And thirdly an “evolution in comfort” – curved lugs; the crown guard to reduce damage, and the improved crown shape ensures an easier grip.


A unique series from a unique watchmaking studio.

Deep within Seiko Epson’s Shiojiri facility, in our Micro Artist Studio where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive and quartz watches are made, the company’s most skilled watchmakers have been creating masterpiece watches with the exclusive Spring Drive movement since 2000.

In English as well as Japanese, a sign on the wall quietly announces the studio’s philosophy: to create watches “you can trust – from now until your grandchildren own them” and the “pride of Japan.” The Micro Artist team’s humble determination to create watchmaking excellence shines through their words.


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